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COMTEK Services, LLC is a computer software and consulting company with facilities in Virginia, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Texas.

COMTEK specializes in:

    Data Communications
    SNMP Agent and Sub
    agent Development
    Network Management Application Development
    Network Management System Consulting
    Networking and Applications

Our products include SNMP system management agents and MIBs for iSeries (AS/400), OpenVMS, and Stratus VOS.  Our installation assist packages include SiteScope, OpenView, SNMPc, Orion, WhatsUpGold, Tivoli, and Compuware Vantage.

Our people have experience integrating COMTEK and other MIBs into Network Management Systems.  We supply integration tools and assistance to assure success.  Our consulting expertise includes data communications, telecommunications, SNMP Agents and Network Manager Applications.

COMTEK has been providing SNMP products to the Telecom, Banking, Stock Exchange, Investment, Finance, Food and Pharmaceutical industries since 1998.  COMTEK products are monitoring thousands of computers in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the America.  Support is provided worldwide.

We are small enough to be responsive, and large enough to do the job.

COMTEK frequently has permanent or contract openings for qualified, dedicated people to work with us in any of the above areas of expertise.

For more information, please fill out the information form, or contact:

COMTEK Services, LLC
Nashua, New Hampshire 03062  USA
Phone: (703) 751-3997
FAX: (603) 881-5504