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Examples -- COMTEK Integration Datasheets


The COMTEK /VOS – SNMPc Integration DATASHEET explains the features available and benefits to be derived from the use of the COMTEK /VOS product with SNMPc. The COMTEK /VOS MIB contains many important statistics and parameters regarding the performance of the Stratus machine. This allows SNMPc to track CPU usage, page space available, excessive CPU Interrupts, and other important information. A general overview of the installation process, integration with SNMPc, Polling of MIB variables, and reception of Alerts (traps) is provided. Step by Step detail instructions are provided in the COMTEK /VOS INSTALLATION GUIDE.

This DATASHEET does not describe a COMTEK product. This datasheet is an example of the use of COMTEK /VOS with SNMPc.


The COMTEK /VOS – SNMPc INSTALLATION GUIDE provides a step by step procedure for installing and using COMTEK /VOS with SNMPc. A description of the COMTEK /VOS MIB, and the method of compiling it into SNMPc, as well as screens outlining the process are included. The COMTEK /VOS MIB includes many performance statistics which allow SNMPc to monitor and report on CPU Utilization, Disk Capacity and Utilization, Processes, and others. Details and examples of how to set up polling of MIB Variables are provided. In addition, the method of receiving Alerts (called traps) received from the COMTEK Agent is described. The integration instructions includes the Installation Guide, Sample Configuration Files, the MIB, and readme.

This Installation Guide does not represent a COMTEK product. This installation guide is an example of the use of COMTEK /VOS with SNMPc. If you wish to have a copy of the complete INSTALLATION GUIDE, please contact COMTEK.

VOS SNMPc Datasheet


VOS SNMPc Installation Guide