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COMTEK Software Development and Consulting Services

COMTEK offers SNMP network management, consulting and software development services.Our professional staff is experienced in many software languages, most internet and many proprietary protocols, including TCP/IP and OSI standards such as SNMP, UDP and ASN1.

SNMP Agent Development

COMTEK has rapid application development tools and the expertise necessary to develop CUSTOM SNMP Agents (including proxy agents) for Applications, Computers, Network Devices or Stand Alone Systems. We have built System Management Agents for Computer Systems under various Operating Systems.

SNMP Network Manager Application Development

COMTEK has experience with many Network Management Systems (NMSs) and is able to assist in integrating COMTEK or other MIBs in these NMSs.  We have the tools and experience necessary to build robust applications which are easy to install and use.

COMTEK has been providing SNMP products to the Telecom, Banking, Stock Exchange, Investment, Finance, Food and Pharmaceutical industries since 1998.  COMTEK products are monitoring thousands of computers in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the America.  Support is provided worldwide.

COMTEK software engineers are experienced professionals, and have worked with a variety of computer systems including IBM Mainframes, Stratus, IBM RS/6000, HP VAX/Alpha/Itanium, Windows and various UNIX based systems.