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Examples -- COMTEK Integration Datasheets

COMTEK /OpenVMS -- SiteScope Integration DATASHEET

The COMTEK /OpenVMS – SiteScope Integration DATASHEET outlines the benefits to be derived from the use of the COMTEK /OpenVMS product with HP SiteScope. The COMTEK /OpenVMS MIB contains many important statistics and parameters regarding the performance of the OpenVMS machine. A general overview of the installation process, compiling the COMTEK /OpenVMS MIB into SiteScope, Polling of MIB variables, and reception of Alerts (traps) is provided. Step by Step instructions for use are provided in the COMTEK /OpenVMS INSTALLATION GUIDE.

This DATASHEET does not describe a COMTEK product. This datasheet is an example of the use of COMTEK /OpenVMS with SiteScope.

OpenVMS SiteScope Datasheet