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OpenVMS SNMP Agent Price Quote

Use this form to request a quote from COMTEK for the NMServer for OpenVMS product.

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Hardware Information

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Workgroup Class Machines

HP Integrity rx1620-2 Server
HP Integrity rx2620-2 Server
HP Integrity rx4640-8 Server

DEC 2300S, 2500, 33xx, 34xx, 36xx, 3700
DIGITAL Personal Workstation au series
Compaq AlphaStation XP1000
(formerly Compaq Professional Workstation XP1000)
DIGITAL Ultimate Workstation 533au2
VMEAlpha64/SP, AXPvme, AXPpci 33
EB64, EB66, EB164, 21066AB
AlphaPC 164 (all models)
AlphaStation 200, 250, 255, 400, 500
AlphaServer 300, 400, 800, 1000,1200
Alpha VME
AlphaServer DS10
AlphaServer DS10L
AlphaServer DS20, DS20E
AlphaStation DS20E
AlphaServer DS20L
AlphaServer DS25
AlphaServer ES40
AlphaServer ES45
Compaq AlphaStation XP900 (formerly Compaq AlphaStation for VMS VS10)
AlphaPC 264DP Main Board

VAX-11/7xx series
MicroVAX series
VAXft 110, VAXft servers
VAXstation series
VAXserver 3100, 3300, 3400, 3500, 36xx, 3800, 3900, 4200, 4300, 6210, 6310
VAX 4050
VAX 4000-100, 4000-100A, 4000-105, 4000-105A, 4000-106A, 4000-108, 4000-200
VAX 82xx, 83xx

Enter number of Workgroup systems to quote:

 Itanium Alpha VAX         


Departmental Class Machines

HP Integrity rx7620-16 Server
HP Integrity rx8620-32 Server

DEC 35xx, 38xx, 3900
DIGITAL 2100 A500/600MP
AlphaServer 2000, 2100, 4000, 4100
AlphaStation 600
Compaq AlphaServer GS60E
Compaq AlphaServer GS80

VAXft 310, 410, 610, 810
VAX 4300, 4400, 4500A, 4505A, 4600A, 4700A, 4705A, 6210, 6310

Enter number of Departmental systems to quote:

 Itanium Alpha VAX          


Enterprise Class Machines

HP Integrity Superdome—16 Server
HP Integrity Superdome—32 Server
HP Integrity Superdome—64 Server

DEC 4000 series
DEC 7000 series
DEC 10000 series
AlphaServer 8200, Compaq AlphaServer GS60
AlphaServer 8400, Compaq AlphaServer GS140
Compaq AlphaServer GS160, GS320

VAXserver 6220, 6320, 64xx, 65xx, 9110, 93xx
VAX 4500, 4600, 6220-6240, 6320-6360, 64xx, 65xx, 66xx
VAX 7000 series
VAX 85xx, 86xx, 8700, 88xx, 89xx
VAX 9000 series
VAX 10000 series

Enter number of Enterprise systems to quote:

Itanium Alpha VAX          


Other Systems

If your systems do not appear in the category lists above, enter them here to be added to the quote.

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