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AS/400 SNMP Agent System Management Details

AS/400 SNMP MIB Details

CPU Information
  • CPU Percent Used
  • Number of Jobs is System
  • Percent Permanent Addresses Used
  • Percent Temporary Addresses Used
  • System Auxiliary Storage Capacity
  • Percent System Auxiliary Storage Capacity in Use
  • Total Auxiliary Storage
  • Storage for Temporary Objects
  • Maximum Storage for Temporary Objects
  • Number of Pools
  • For Each Pool: Maximum Number of Active Jobs, Active to Wait, Wait to Ineligible, Active to Ineligible, Pool Name, Subsystem Name, Subsystem Library Name
  • Excessive CPU Usage Trap
  • Excessive CPU Usage Cleared Trap
Disk Statistics
  • Disk Number
  • Total Disk Space
  • Percent Total Disk Space Used
  • Percent Total Disk Busy
  • Trap for Total Disk Space Full
  • Trap when Total Disk Space Full Condition is Cleared
  • Number of Active Processes
  • Subsystem Name
  • Job Name
  • User Name
  • CPU Utilization
  • Last High Level Function
  • Status of Job
  • Trap for Mission Critical Process Missing
Job Queue

QSYSOPR Messages

  • Message Key
  • QSYSOPR Message Response
  • Message Severity
  • Message ID
  • Message Type
  • Help Text
  • Sending Job
  • User Name
  • Job Number
  • Program Name
  • Trap for QSYSOPR Message
  • Trap for QSYSOPR Help Text
Configuration Information
User Specified Trap Thresholds
  • Excessive CPU Threshold
  • Disk Percent Full Threshold
  • Disk Percent Full Clear Threshold
  • QSYSOPR Severity Threshold
  • QSYSOPR Maximum Message Age Threshold
  • Trap Throttle
User Specified Time Intervals for Statistics Gathering
  • CPU Statistics Interval
  • Disk Statistics Interval
  • Job Queue Statistics Interval
  • Process Statistics Interval
  • QHST File Interval
Communication Lines
  • Line Count
  • Line Name
  • Line Status (Text and Numeric)
  • Line Category
  • Line Description
  • Controller Count
  • Controller Name
  • Controller Status (Text and Numeric)
  • Controller Category
  • Controller Description
  • Device Count
  • Device Name
  • Device Status (Text and Numeric)
  • Device Category
  • Device Description

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